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This is a limited selection of images from my book, “SILENT SPACES: The Last of the Great Aisled Barns,” (Bullfinch Press, 1994, with separate UK and French editions). A self-financed project, it was an outgrowth of my curiosity to learn about the origins of the aisled ‘Deertz’ barn that my wife and I purchased in upstate New York in 1987, in which we currently live. It was a journey that took me on various occasions through England, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium and South Africa in search of early precedents to our barn, aided by the architectural historians I encountered during my travels.

My appreciation to Robert A.M. Stern, former Dean of the Yale School of Architecture, for facilitating the transfer of my photographs and ancillary documentation to The Avery Architectural Library at New York’s Columbia University for safekeeping.


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